Jaz and Chris's Beautiful Barn Wedding in Chichester

Jaz and Chris got married at the beautiful Southend Barns Farm in Chichester. They are from Chichester themselves so they were lucky to find such a stunning venue on their doorstep.

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They were so lucky to have a beautiful sunny day so they could make the most of the venue’s beautiful lawned area between the large dining hall barn and the small ceremonial barn, a large courtyard and other little gardens tucked away.

There was a lovely subtle rustic farm feel to the venue with open fire pits, old fashioned milk churns, walls of chopped logs.

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The Ceremony

Time to walk down the aisle. I love the look between them before they were about to go down the aisle. Everyone is always so full of emotion at this point.

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Lots of smiles and glowing faces as they watched Jaz walk down the aisle towards Chris.

Jaz had a beautiful detailed lace train on her dress and long veil which looked so stunning!

As you can see from the photo on the left, there were some little cuties in the audience looking on and smiling away.

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Tissues at the ready… time for the speeches.

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Speech Time…

They had an elegantly simple rustic style decor including a chalk board for the seating plan, “Mr & Mrs” cork holders for the name tags and hessian fabric for the table runners.

The flower arrangements on the tables were lovingly put together by Chris’s Mum. They are made out of wooden planters filled with floral plants.

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Cake Time…

As you looked around at the wedding venue decor and at little details you could start to notice a subtle Marvel Superhero and Disney Princess theme. The cake was probably the biggest giveaway!

The groomsmen had superhero cufflinks which was a lovely details and a great present from the groom to his best friends. Can you guess who the groom is?! The Hulk!

They also had really cute colouring books for the kids that were superhero and disney princess themed.

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After Party!

The bride looking beautifully elegant with her cocktail and bouquet and the groom already playing garden games with the groomsmen!

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Some of the gorgeous bridesmaids and flower girls…

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The groom and his best men.

Chris couldn’t choose only one best man so he had two! His brother and his friend. At least that way he had two people to take care of the rings! Although it means two people to share embarrassing stories of him during the speeches!

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Congratulations to the happy couple!