Carley & Chris's English Church Wedding

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Carley & Chris kept their wedding local to Northamptonshire as a lot of their family live there and have grown up there. They’re so lucky to have lots of family close to home. They had a beautiful English wedding in Weston Favell Village Church and the reception at a village Hall which had large lawns, a small wooden park and you could even watch people playing cricket as well!

Bridal Party Getting Ready

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Carley and her bridal party got ready at her place as it’s only 15 minutes from the church! In the photos above Jade photographed Carley through her front window and the glass gives this soft dreamy feel to the images.

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Carley treated herself to some Chanel make up.

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Carley gave presents to all her bridemaids.

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The bridemaids were gifted these pink gemstone earrings to match the soft pink theme.

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Carley is very creative & crafty so she made these hangers for all the bridemaids dresses…

The Groom & Groomsen

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Starting the morning off the right way.

Going over speeches…

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…with a beer

The Groom and Groomsmen got ready at the home of the best mans parents. Sam now lives in Canada with his partner so they had the furthest to travel for the wedding to say the least!

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Of course things got silly in the garden with the groomsmen. Raj had a great laugh photographing them as you can see! They may have dropped the groom! On the morning of the wedding don’t forget… luckily he was ok… phew!

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Better get ready!

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Don’t forget the rings!

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They had a lovely wooden memento box for the rings.

Suits On, Pub Time

Chris gave all his groomsmen gifts as well….

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Sam may be living in Canada now but he can’t forget his home towns football team! Come on you Cobblers!

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The Ceremony

Weston Favell church was in the middle of a village green with little village lanes all around it. They had lovely gardens with benches all around for people to sit in this peaceful space. When Raj and I went to meet Carley and Chris at the Church the day before the wedding to have a look around the people of the village where so lovely and had a chat to us and congratulated the couple. A beautiful friendly place.

Bride and Father of the Bride ready to walk down the Aisle.

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The church bells rang as the entered into the church.

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Meet Mia who was even allowed to watch.

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Keeping this cute lil’ one happy

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The had some wonderful speeches and sang hymns. The Vicars speeches were a lovely mix of beautiful, uplifting and funny moments. It was a hot sunny day and the sunlight streamed through the church giving a beautiful glow over everyone.

The bride and groom also glowingly happy as they make it all official!

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Newly Weds & Confetti!

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They had this rose in a glass dome bell jar just like the one from Beauty & the Beast which Carley loves.

Carley had made the displays herself and crafted some creative pieces together. It was such a beautiful display to greet the guests.

On arrival it all looked very excited as there was a cricket match going on so everyone could sit on the tables and benches outside to watch the game, a wood fired pizza van and an ice cream stall as well!

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Speeches were made by Father of the Bride, the best man and Chris himself. It’s always a beautiful moment seeing everyones reactions.

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Cake & the First Dance

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The cake had some layers of classic fruit cake and other layers of lemon sponge.

For their first dance there were some really sweet and funny moments when Chris was considerately pushing the trail of Carleys dress with his foot so it moved around with her so he didn’t stand on it and so they didn’t get in a tangle! Such a gent!

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It turns out that there were some seriously good movers on the dance floor!

Of course there was The Macarena and Saturday Night.

There was even… a dance off!

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The men tried their best even pulling out the “Dirty Dancing” move….“

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But at the last minute this young lad jumped in and blew them out the water with some crazy moves and the splits and won the dance off!

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Everyone also had fun in the park during the evening.

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And most importantly… it’s never to late for ice cream!