Maggie and Gab's Move to the Other Side of the World Together

Maggie and Gab made an incredible move to start their new lives together. Maggie is from the UK and Gabriel is from Lebanon. They met at University in Lausanne, Switzerland and now live in Australia together. What a brave and romantic journey!

The location is in Lausanne, Switzerland at Lake Geneva near the University that they both studied at so it was a very poignant location.

The pre- wedding photoshoot was an evening session to get some beautiful light. Jade started the shoot by making the most of the natural light we had left. We found this beautiful mossy bridge over a stream that was running into the lake. Jade was able to photograph through the trees to frame them with the leaves. As you can see we capture some laughs as well as some loving moments. They were both very relaxed and just chatted away to each other so we could get those natural shots.

DSC_6288 web.jpg
DSC_6289 web.jpg

We moved onto this lovely Willow tree next to the lake for the next location. There was this prefect space in between the dangling branches for Maggie and Gab to stand in.

DSC_6352 web.jpg
DSC_6346 web.jpg
DSC_6351 web.jpg

It was quite a cloudy day however when the evening drew in the clouds became very dramatic and some lovely sunlight eventually broke through in the end. We had to make the most of this beautiful lake by shooting right next to the waters edge with the vast lake in the background. Even the birds and swans were out to add to the photos. It was a beautiful evening by the lake with the mountains in the distance.

RAJK6661 web.jpg
RAJK6718 web.jpg

The sunset broke through the clouds a little in the distance to break through the dark sky with its orange glow. The mountains are looking mysterious in the background as it was very cloudy and misty day so you couldn’t see the mountain tops.

RAJK6686 web.jpg

The light emphasised the texture in the clouds.

RAJK6741 web.jpg

We headed back to the Willow tree so Raj could capture some more dramatic night time photos under the tree branches.

This evening couple photoshoot worked really well to give them a variety of pretty natural light photos as well as these moody dramatic photos as the sun set.

We wish them the best of luck with creating their lives together in beautiful Australia!